4 Reasons Why Motorized Blinds and Shades are Right for Your Home

4 Reasons Why Motorized Blinds and Shades are Right for Your Home

Jun 8th 2021

Motorized blinds and shades are rising in popularity. The four "C's" explains how motorization is a trend that will not be going away any time soon.


One of the biggest reasons why motorized blinds are finding their way into homes is because they bring more convenience for the user. The blinds are easily and quickly adjusted without the hassle of physically adjusting the blind or even being near the blind. With a remote or an accompanying smartphone app, the user is able to adjust the blind with a touch of a button. This convenience increases considerably since a user is able to control each blind in his or her home without having to physically adjust it. 

The user also no longer has to worry about issues such as untangling cords, reaching up to adjust large blinds, or making sure the blinds are positioned correctly. All these possible headaches are remedied by motorization.

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Controlling when and how your blinds are adjusted has never been simpler with the introduction of motorized blinds and shades. Motorized blinds can be further automated by programming preset settings allowing the blind to move under certain conditions, such as time of day or weather. For example, the user has the ability to have the blinds rolled up in the morning, around 8 A.M. and move them back down during the evening, around 8 P.M. Other motorized blinds have sun sensing technology. The blind is able to detect the sun and will close or open the blinds accordingly. Another benefit of motorized window treatments is that the simplicity of it allows the user to install, learn, and use the blind or shade without the need of a professional.

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The high level of control and convenience, allows for the user to experience more customization. The user is able to customize every single room in his or her room to his or her liking without any additional hassle. Vision shades, roller blinds, cellular shades, etc. are able to become motorized with ease. The user is not pigeonholed to a certain window treatment style if he or she is hoping to have motorization in one's home. 

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Blinds and shades are one of the many components of a "smart" home. Motorized blinds are able to work in conjunction with other "smart" home features to improve the home's functions and aesthetics. For example, automated thermostats are becoming more and more common in one's home and this "smart" home feature may also be accessible from a smartphone. From there, the user is able to control the overall temperature of the home or the temperature of each room - similar to operating a blind.

Having a motorized blind in conjunction with a "smart" home application such as a thermostat can lead to better home energy management. A room that is being warmed by the home's heating system can be controlled by opening the blind and exposing the room to the sunlight. 

Motorized blinds allow the homeowner to experience a level of comfort that cannot be reached with regular blinds. If you are unsure if motorized blinds are right for you, consider the four "C's" and hopefully that can aid in your decision!

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