How to Stop Blinds from Swinging

How to Stop Blinds from Swinging

Apr 26th 2021

Stop Blinds and Shades from Swinging

Nothing can be more annoying than having your blinds swinging in the wind and clattering against the door or window frame. This article will go over how to prevent and to minimize the banging noise from blinds swinging. 

Furniture Pads

You may have some self-sticking adhesive furniture pads lying around in your home. If you don't, they are super cheap and great way to stop your blinds from swinging in the wind. These pads can help reduce the noise by wide margin but maybe not completely 100%. 

Take the furniture pad (it doesn't need to be a large one) and place it on the bottom rail of the blind that is facing the window. Do this on both ends. This works especially well with roller shades and roman shades. Now, when the wind is blowing, the blind's bottom rail is cushion with the furniture pad and will create a much quieter noise when it hits the window frame.


Magnets can be used to keep window blinds and shades in place as well. Simply attached a small magnet strip to the back of the bottom rail on the inside of the blind. Next, use magnetic tape and attach it to where the blind would normally hit the window frame. The magnet will be strong enough to not let the blind move but gentle enough to easy move the blind yourself if needed.

Follow any of these methods to keep your blinds from swinging and making any annoying unneeded noise! For more guides and how to's, follow us on Twitter at @BlindShadeParts!