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How to Fix Warped Wood Blinds

How to Fix Warped Wood Blinds

Nov 3rd 2020

Fix Warped Wood Blinds

Wood blinds can be prone to being warped if they are left under certain conditions. Natural elements are a main cause to the warping of wood blinds. This article will cover why wood blinds can become warped and how to fix them.

Why do blinds become warped?

Blinds can become warped for a variety of reasons. The blinds' material usually effects how the blind becomes warped.

Wood Blinds

Although natural wood blinds perform very well when exposed to direct sunlight, high-humidity environments will making warping more common. Wood blinds should not be used in rooms with high humidity. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms should not have wood blinds in them.

wood blinds

Composite Wood Blinds & Faux Wood Blinds

Composite and faux wood blinds can become warped as well. Composite wood blinds can change shape when under direct sunlight and/or heat for long periods of time. To battle against this, getting composite wood blinds in lighter colors will help reflect more sunlight. Faux wood blinds are also not the best against heat.

faux wood blinds

How can I fix my warped blinds?

One of the best ways to fix warped blinds is to ensure they do not become warped in the first place. Making sure that the blinds are not exposed to high amounts of heat and/or humidity is key.

  • Window tints or window film will protect your blinds against the sun's damaging UV rays. These types of added protective layer will also ensure your blinds do not get too hot.
  • Treating your blinds to withstand heat and humidity is another way to prevent the blinds from warping.
  • For natural wood blinds, be sure you are properly wiping away excess moisture that may be on the slats of the blind.

If you blinds are already warped, we will go over how to fix them.

Straighten Warped Wood Blind Slats

One way is to take the slats out of the blind and to wrap them in damp paper towels. Lay them on a flat surface and with something heavy on them while they are drying. This should help the slats return to their normal straight position. This may take several tries to work or it may not work at all. For a surefire solution, we recommend replacing the warped slats altogether.

Replace Warped Wood Blind Slats

Replacing warped slats with new ones is guaranteed to make your blind completely functional and looking great.

  1. Grab the bottom rail and find the strings on the bottom. You are going to pull the strings through and undo the knots on each side.
  2. Find the warped slat(s) and pull the strings through the other slats beneath the warped one.
  3. The slats should be free from the strings. From here, remove the slats from the ladder string.
  4. Slide and replace the new slat(s) onto the ladder string.
  5. Thread the slats with the new ones into the lift cord strings. It is key to move the lift cord left to right as you go through the ladder rung.
  6. Pull the string through the bottom rail and tie the knot.

Wood blinds that are warped not only effect the look of the blinds but also the function. Warped blinds do not have the same light control as a non-warped blind and warped blinds are much more difficult to operate. Follow the above steps to fix your blind and make sure it doesn't happen again.

If you need help with other wood and faux wood blind problems or help cleaning them we have walkthroughs on that as well! For more information, email