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How to Get Wrinkles out of Polyester Window Treatments

How to Get Wrinkles out of Polyester Window Treatments

Dec 15th 2021

Removing Wrinkles from Polyester Drapes and Curtains

This guide will cover how to smooth out those pesky wrinkles you may have in your drapes or curtains. Follow these steps to smooth out your curtains and drapes without ruining the fabric!

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Wash and Hang Your Curtains While Wet

One of the easiest ways to remove wrinkles from polyester is wash the curtains on a warm or cool setting. Once they are washed, simply hang the curtains up to dry. Ensure that when hung, the fabric is spread out evenly and nicely. This method will help remove wrinkles in polyester.

Iron Your Curtains

Ironing your curtains on a warm setting can help remove wrinkles. Your iron may also have a polyester setting that will help smooth out your curtain as well.

Steam Your Curtains

Fabric steamers are also a reliable way to remove wrinkles. Use the nozzle and work your way from one side of the curtain to the next gently. Be sure to keep the nozzle close to the fabric to make sure it is getting enough steam. 

By following any of these steps, your curtain or drape will keep its amazing look and remain wrinkle-free! For more guides, follow us on Twitter: @BlindShadeParts