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How to Install Hold Down Brackets for Blinds

How to Install Hold Down Brackets for Blinds

Nov 10th 2021

Installing Hold Down Brackets for Mini Blinds

Hold down brackets are useful because they can prevent blinds from moving around too much. The brackets help attach the bottom rail of the blinds to the whatever surface the blinds are mounted on. The brackets can not only help reduce the noise but also help reduce any damage to the blind or surface as a result from constant motion. This short guide will cover how to easily install hold down brackets for your blinds.

  1. Lower the blind all the way down. Take the bracket pins and place them into your blind's bottom rail end cap. 
  2. Make sure the bracket locations and blinds are completely level and even. Mark the bracket positions with a pencil.
  3. Install the brackets while attached to the blind's end caps.

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By following these three simple steps, your blind will be protected and will no longer move too much! For more guides and how to's, follow our Twitter: @BlindShadeParts.