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How to Stop Blinds From Sagging in the Middle

How to Stop Blinds From Sagging in the Middle

Aug 12th 2021

Stop Blinds from Sagging

Larger sized blinds (4' wide or bigger) are prone to sagging in the middle. If there is sagging, constantly operating the blinds can put stress on the blind itself and damage it. We will go over how to prevent your blind from sagging. The simple solution is to install another bracket to support the blind's size. You may need a step ladder for this installation.

  1. Raise the blinds all the way to the top. Remove the blinds from its brackets by flipping the tabs on the brackets. Slide the blind out of the brackets once the blind is removed.
  2. Measure the distance between the two existing brackets and mark the middle point. Make sure the marked point is in line with the other installed brackets.
  3. Attached the another bracket to your marked position. This support bracket will help keep your blind straight and not sagging.
  4. Install the blind into the brackets and try operating the blind to make sure everything works correctly and is secured.

blinds sagging middle

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