How to Untangle Blind Cords

How to Untangle Blind Cords

Feb 15th 2021

Untwisting Blind or Shade Cords

One of the most frustrating about a blind can be its cords. Blind cords that are tangled up not only make the blind difficult to operate, but it also looks messy and ruins the look of the blind itself. Cords can get twisted up from small children or pets toying with the cords or from wind from an open window or door.

This guide will go over how to tidy up your blind cords and allow them to be functional and look great.

  • Lower the blinds all the way to make sure you have enough room and cords to work with.
  • Try your best to untangle them but if you need to cut them do so. Make sure you save the tassels and attach them to the cords afterwards.
  • If the knots in the cords are unrepairable, you may need to buy replacement cords.
  • For the future, in may be wise to invest in a cord wrap. This will help keep the cords organized and more difficult to tangle.

Tips for Untwisting the Cords

  • Start with the knot furthest away for the cord's end
  • If you are struggling using your fingers to untie the knots, use a needle nose plier or similar tool. This will help you get those small tight knots.

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